Mission for a clean aviation

Electric, emission-free flying is an important step on the way to sustainable mobility. Choosing the right platform and a strong partner enables the successful implementation of innovative passenger aviation projects.

H2Fly impresses with its experience, competence and suitable test platform for the integration of quiet and emission-free drive technologies for a clean future.

With experience and competence plans

H2Fly sees itself as a link between research and industry. As key account managers, we understand the requirements of the aircraft manufacturers and combine them with the new opportunities that our research provides. Acting as an interface between the client, the development company and certification administration, we look after the orders in their entirety and in such a way that the client can focus on the research of new technologies and does not have to operate and maintain his own experimental technology carrier.

Through many years of experience and competence, pioneers of electric aviation enable efficient and focused cooperation of the main players from research, development and industry. Just as important as the realization with the help of a unique test and technology platform is a suitable marketing concept to present the idea of ​​emission-free flying to the public.