14.07.-21.07.2017, Toyota Mirai visits the Hy4

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With the “European Fuel Cell Tour” Toyota and the trade journal “Firmenauto” show that it is already possible to drive CO2 neutral over long distances. Because the advantage of fuel cell technology is evident in the long distances, which, unlike with a pure battery drive, can be achieved by the high energy density of hydrogen. The tour starts on
During the Tour, the Toyota team will refuel exclusively with CO2-neutral hydrogen produced and head for a number of key players from the research and industry sectors on the topic of hydrogen and fuel cells along the way.
The DLR energy research at the Stuttgart location focuses on the research of environmentally friendly, efficient and affordable energy supply and storage and may not be missing as a station at the Mirai Tour.

As an important partner for the integration of hydrogen technology in aircraft, this will be done at the DLR location Stuttgart at the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics on 14.07. and 21.07. 2017 an internal press event. The specialist audience will be informed about the activities related to hydrogen research and with the Hy4 a accessible application for solving the mobility problems of tomorrow. Because not only on the road you can move emission-free. Even in the air, a pollution-free movement is already possible today.