H2Fly wins on the day of the aviation at the Frankfurt airport

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24-25.06.2017, Frankfurt – H2Fly GmbH wins on the day of the aviation (24.06.-25.06.2017) at the Frankfurt airport many new interested parties for emission-free passenger flights. The H2Fly GmbH puts an end to the long wait of all aerospace, environmental and technical enthusiasts and presents the Hy4 for the first time after the successful first flight on September 29, 2016 in Stuttgart as part of the “Day of Aviation 2017” at the Frankfurt Airport. H2Fly GmbH has been known for many years as a reliable supplier for the qualification of emission-free drive trains for aviation. When the Hy4 was recently confirmed for Aviation Day at Frankfurt Airport, the response from customers and business partners was very positive. Profitable technology and a winning concept are just two of the buzzwords frequently cited by visitors in connection with the first four-seat and zero-emission passenger hybrid aircraft powered by fuel cells and batteries. Independent industry experts praised the special combination of proven aircraft technology and innovative drive technology. The all-electric aircraft Hy4, as presented at Frankfurt Airport, was a high-profile innovation and has the potential to challenge the competitive advantages of established providers. The management, the development partners and leading experts agree on the high acceptance of the new development. The special feature of the Hy4 is the combination of unconventional propulsion technology and a new safety environment for aviation, which is also recognized by operators users and users. The organizers created a great aviation event over a weekend in perfect weather with over 30 exhibits and offered many highlights from the past, present and future as well as a fascinating program around the topic of flying. Presenting the Hy4 to more than 80,000 people was a win-win for everyone involved and reflects the strong public’s interest in the further development of climate-friendly and emission-free transport technologies.