THE FUTURE of aviation

H2FLY is the worldwide forerunner on complete
hydrogen electric powertrain for aviation.

The concept

The emission-free hydrogen fuel cell technology enables an alternative, full electric drive, but with improved range, three to five times better than battery systems.

The Company

H2FLY is the owner and operator of the HY4 aircraft. As designer of the powertrain H2FLY takes responsibility for the overall powertrain system architecture and handles the approval of the powertrain implementation to obtain permit to fly

The HY4

HY4 is the first 4 seater aircraft with hydrogen electric powertrain. It flies emission-free at low noise. The actual powertrain generation serves as a blueprint for AirTaxi, General Aviation and 40 seater regional aircraft applications.

here you can find the link to download the material for the Stuttgart Airport event.

Join our vision of Emission Free Flight

Mission for a
clean aviation

Electric, emission-free flying with hydrogen is an important step towards sustainable mobility. An experienced partner, the right platform and a strong commitment enable the successful implementation of innovation. “WE DREAM, WE FLY, WE DEVELOP THE FUTURE”.

With experience and competence

Science becomes reality!  16 years of basic research and applied engineering enabled 2016 the first hydrogen electric passenger aircraft HY4. A perfect match of German Aerospace Center engineers, University of Ulm researchers and product-driven visionaries of H2FLY guarantees a mind- blowing pace on the way to emission-free hydrogen aviation. Based on the award winning Pipistrel G4 platform, the new HY4 flying testbed exceeds all expectations.

H2FLY sees itself as a designer and enabler of innovation.
We understand the requirements of the aircraft manufacturers and combine them with the new opportunities in hydrogen electric energy conversion.

Pioneers of hydrogen electric aviation

Through many years of experience and competence, pioneers of hydrogen electric aviation design and lead  efficient and focused technical developments from research and industry. 

Our goal is to elaborate a zero-emission, certifiable hydrogen electric powertrain for AirTaxi, General Aviation and Regional Aircraft.

Project partners working
on HY4 development

Strong partners from industry, research and development fields



System architecture lead, operator and owner of HY4


expert on hydrogen systems


Fuel cell component supplier

Flughafen Stuttgart ​

Home Airport



HY4 airframe original design and airworthiness

Uni Ulm

Experts on electric powertrain and hybridization

Featured work